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NS by Rocky Barnes

The much-anticipated collaboration between Norman Silverman and the extraordinary Rocky Barnes is here. Discover unique and stunning high-jewelry pieces designed by Rocky Barnes that embody her signature style and our commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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Los Angeles 1983 when Norman Silverman started with the dream. A city where dreams come true, glitz and glamour reside and stardom is right around the corner. Discover luxury treasures tucked away in LA’s premiere diamond house.

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At Norman Silverman Diamonds, we invite you to embrace the essence of this enchanting season through our timeless diamond jewelry. From diamond stacks that make a bold statement to the classic elegance of bezel-set gems, we offer the spring-ready essentials you need to enhance your style and rejoice in the season's beauty.

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Signature Bridal

Explore Norman Silverman diamonds for the modern bride — an assortment of high-fashion jewelry pieces focused on romanticism, classicism and fashion.

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Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, express the depth of your love with a gift as extraordinary as your connection. At Norman Silverman Diamonds, we believe that every moment of love deserves to be cherished forever. Explore our curated collection of exquisite diamond jewelry, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of romance and commitment.


Norman Silverman

Los angeles’ premier diamond house

NS Diamond Family

Norman Silverman Diamonds is synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world. Known for maintaining values and integrity while catering to the jewelry wearer’s desires.

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