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Protect Your Jewelry Purchase

We’ve collaborated with Jewelers Mutual, the leader in jewelry insurance, to remind you of the importance of protecting your beautiful and timeless jewelry from loss, theft, damage, and even disappearance. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a gift to yourself, protecting your jewelry is quick, and easy, and allows you to wear without worry.

A policy from Jewelers Mutual typically costs 1-2% of the jewelry’s value per year, and checking how much it will cost you takes less than a minute.

ABOUT jewelers mutual

For over 100 years, Jewelers Mutual has been offering protection from loss, damage, theft and
even disappearance. Your most prized jewelry possessions don't simply reflect light, they are reflections of you and of life's most important moments. When you're covered by Jewelers Mutual, you have the ability to wear your jewelry without apprehension.


• Comprehensive worldwide coverage while traveling that extends beyond ordinary homeowners insurance

• Protection against theft, damage, accidental loss, and disappearance

• The option to choose your own jeweler

• Repair of damaged jewelry with the same level of quality as the original

• Replacement of lost jewelry with the same brand and type

• Graduate Gemologists (GIA) with a passion for jewelry on staff


Jewelry is typically covered under renters and homeowners insurance policies, however,
that coverage is normally not enough to cover the full replacement cost. Even a jewelry-specific rider added to your homeowners policy has its limits.

If you have any questions about insuring with Jewelers Mutual:

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