Welcome to the world of

Norman Silverman

Humble beginnings

Starting as an apprentice cutter in the Los Angeles Diamond District, Norman Silverman discovered his passion for the finest quality gems and jewelry. Norman went on to establish his own diamond house in his namesake with the dream of creating a legacy brand he could one day pass on to his children.

Quality first

In 1983 Norman Silverman Diamonds was born and has since gone on to make its mark by offering a prestigious selection of large and rare white diamonds, as well as impressive fancy yellows, pinks and blues. He visualizes each stone as a one-of-a-kind finished piece of jewelry, and thus our company prides itself on its uncanny ability to design remarkable treasures completely inspired by our diamonds.


Redefined Design

Norman Silverman Diamonds is synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world. Known for maintaining values and integrity while catering to the jewelry wearer’s desires. From elegant engagement rings to fashion forward and timeless jewelry. Norman Silverman diamonds are distinctive and please even the most discerning eyes.